Dantec Dynamics

Brief Company Overview

Dantec Dynamics' main area of activity is development and sales of integrated measurement systems for diagnostics and research into fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, microfluidics, spray analysis and combustion technology.

Our systems are used to obtain measurement data of physical properties in air, gases, liquids and solid materials.

Quantitative measurement data include velocity, turbulence, particle size, concentration, temperature, combustion species, strain/stress and vibration.


Scientists and industrial engineers use our systems for measurements in an ever-growing range of applications in many different fields including automotive, aerospace, wind engineering, hydrodynamics, combustion, process engineering, biomedical, micro technology, sprays and indoor climate.

The benefits derived from the application of our systems include better product quality and performance, reduced noise, less pollution, improved indoor climate and more efficient industrial processes. It all adds up to better life quality for people all over the world.


3D shape, Deformation, Strain and Vibration Measurement
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Strain and Stress measurement
Non Destructive Testing

Our corporate mission

We will provide our customers with measurement solutions for improved efficiency, safety and quality of life.

Our corporate vision

We will be the best provider of measurement solutions in our business.

Dantec Dynamics provides quality measurement solutions for an ever widening range of applications where there is a need to improve efficiency. The aim is to achieve better product performance, quality and safety, more efficient industrial processes and a more pleasant indoor climate. It all adds up to better life quality and progress for people all over the world.

Working in partnership with our customers

Dantec Dynamics is an innovative and reliable business partner with a clear aim - to provide our customers with the best possible measurement solutions, support and application advice. We strive to help our customers to achieve progress in their research work, hence our corporate slogan - Partners for progress.

Our business approach is based on three principles;

- Continuous product innovation
- Quality-driven engineering and production 
- High level of customer support

It is the successful implementation of these principles that has won us global market leadership in our clearly defined fields of activity.


The long-term success of a high-technology company crucially depends on its capacity to innovate - to keep abreast of new scientific knowledge and to apply that knowledge intelligently in its products - Dantec Dynamics is such a company.

Our world leadership in our clearly defined fields of activity is primarily based on our employees' comprehensive knowledge of fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, heat & mass transfer and combustion technology and their ability to combine a range of technologies required in the design of a Dantec Dynamics measurement system.

A large proportion of our employees are graduate engineers, many with PhDs. They have specialised knowledge in such technologies as transducer technology, optics, signal/image processing, electronics, laser technology, precision mechanics and software engineering.

Quality-driven engineering

Dantec Dynamics' products are recognised around the world as being engineered and manufactured to a high level of quality.

Throughout the organisation, the most modern technology is used to ensure the achievement of the quality requirements defined for the engineering and manufacturing processes.

As a result, the hallmarks of our equipment are accuracy and long life. Both scientific and industrial customers highly value the degree of flexibility and function that is built into our fully integrated systems.

Customer support

Dantec Dynamics maintains close contact with its customers through a global network of sales offices and representatives.

Our sales engineers and applications specialists are widely respected for their detailed professional understanding of the measurement needs of both research scientists and industrial engineers.

For Dantec Dynamics, flexibility is not only a product characteristic. It has another equally important dimension: our willingness and ability to tailor our systems to the precise needs of our customers. We regard this as an essential element in our support concept.

Dantec Dynamics' support programme also includes training when a system is delivered and installed, repair and maintenance, technical seminars, contract measurement services and feasibility studies. 

Worldwide representation

Dantec Dynamics' customer base and network of contacts are worldwide. We operate through dedicated sales and support offices in France, Germany, Japan, the UK and the USA, as well as through an extensive network of qualified representatives in more than 30 countries.