Richardson Gratings

Founded in 1947, Newport's Richardson Gratings is a world leader in the design and manufacture of diffraction gratings for spectroscopic, telecommunications and laser applications, as well as for research and education. Since inception our focus has been on two key competencies: the generation of master gratings, both by mechanical ruling and by holographic recording, and secondly the replication of optically equivalent copies of those master gratings for cost effective commercial quantities of gratings. Both of these key competencies are required to meet the demands of our customers, including the timely delivery of products, in high quantities, meeting all technical specifications with minimal part-to-part variation at reasonable cost.
Richardson Grating's leadership in the design, production and characterization of diffraction gratings for both scientific and OEM applications remains unparalleled. By treating customers as partners through all stages of the product development process, we work to continuously improve product quality, resolve technical challenges, and reduce total cost.

As a part of the Newport Corporation family of brands, we continue our proud tradition of producing high-quality precision diffraction gratings, and providing comprehensive technical assistance in their choice and use. To browse our complete product offerings, reference and application materials, gratings selection tools, contact information, and more visit