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Microfluidics Measurement Systems

Microfluidics is a rapidly growing research area focusing on flows in microchannels, MEMS, biomedical flows, Lab-on-a-chip systems and other microfluidic devices.

Several techniques, including MicroPIV and MicroLIF, can be applied for measurement of velocity, temperature, concentration, droplet size and pH with micron scale resolution.

Dantec Dynamics offers system configurations designed for each individual application, providing flow field information in a plane (2D). Simultaneous measurement of velocity and scalar quantities is also possible and often requires multiple-detector systems.

Microfluidics measurement systems designed by Dantec Dynamics have three common features; improved laser safety, optimised signal-to-noise ratio and flexibility in image processing. First, a number of opto-mechanical components are used to ensure user safety, including laser safety interlocks and flexible light guides. Second, the optical components of the system are designed to maximise the signal-to-noise ratio of the measurement. Finally, the systems are delivered with DynamicStudio software, where image acquisition and advanced processing functions are implemented.

Microfluidics Measurement Systems
Microfluidics Measurement Systems
Microfluidics Measurement Systems
Microfluidics Measurement Systems

Magneto-hydrodynamic instability in a micromixer. (a) raw particle image, (b) velocity and vorticity map, (c) concentration map, (d) interface location. Read or download the article here.

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